Making the Connections

Easy-to-apply techniques derived from cognitive behavioral research are used to learn how to easily connect to an audience of 1, 100, or 1,000. You will learn how to read and adapt to body language and behavioral styles, how to uncover emotional needs, and how to present in a way that is accepted.




sales go up with bssSales Training: Our program teaches sales professionals how to recognize and adapt to different behavioral styles. We also teach how to ask questions in a manner that encourages clients to reveal information about their interests, attitudes, and values.

Negotiations Training: We use research to teach the principles of negotiating. You will learn how to devise a strategy based on differing scenarios. We will demonstrate and allow you to practice multiple techniques and determine what works best for you. Our negotiation strategies and techniques will enable you to get the most from your negotiations.

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training: How do we get another to understand us? We show how you can acquire the skills to put people at ease and to establish rapport based on trust and respect. This course will improve team work and improve productivity.

Customer Service Training: We teach the principles of listening, understanding, and presenting to increase customer retention and referrals.

Presentation Skills: Our training covers how to deliver polished presentations: establish credibility; interject humor to engage an audience; tell a story to make an impact; and leverage voice and body language to inform and persuade.