Youíre in the middle of a tough negotiation and feel the other partyís statement may not be truthful; however, you want more than a visceral feeling before acting. If only there were a technique that tests the veracity of what youíre hearing, you would be more confident in your decision to continue or to alter your strategy. Well, there is a technique taken from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that may help: Eye Accessing Cues (EAC). The premise of EAC is that most right handed people look up and to their right (VR) when visually constructing images; up and to their left (VL) when visually remembering images; to their right (AR) when constructing auditory messages; to their left (AL) when remembering auditory messages; down and to their right (F) when remembering how something felt; and down and to their left (ID) when having an internal dialog. The pattern is opposite for left handed people. One work of caution: Test this by having the person recall things you know to be true or false to establish a baseline of this personís pattern before relying on it to make changes to your strategy. As with all human behavior, there are no absolutes and this technique is not infallible; however, Eye Accessing Cues is a tool that will enable you to better read others.